Thursday, April 24, 2014

Email Subscription Clean-Up

I don't know about you, but I have entered my fair share of contests, made requests for coupons, etc., and my inboxes have been overflowing with advertising offers, updates, and the like from too many companies. This issue is compounded by the fact that I access email on both my iPhone and my desktop, and deleting an email in one place does not delete it from the other. So, I spend double the time deleting emails that I just am not reading.

There were emails from clothing retailers my daughter likes. I signed up to receive a coupon or updates ahead of Black Friday, yet I am not doing any clothes shopping that warrents receiving A DAILY EMAIL anytime soon! Those were the first to go. I was getting email from specific products, and I don't even recall signing up to receive those. There are many emails I did request, but I find that I'm too busy to read. Since I do not have limitless time to peruse all these emails, I decided to take a few minutes each day this week to start unsubscribing, instead of just deleting those messages.

As for those messages I still wanted to receive, I have been updating my email address to one that won't send all of my "advertising / newsletter" email to my junk mail.  I was unable to find how to update my email for one company that I really like. Sadly, their policy is that once your email is associated to your account, it can never be changed. The representative told me I'd have to sign up for a new account! I had just updated my public profile with that company, and was not going to take the time to recreate the wheel. Remember, I'm trying to save TIME and also, not miss emails that go to junk mail here with this activity. I let her know that I just may not catch all their emails. Oh well!

I know that it seems like it takes loads of time to clean up your email subscriptions. However, if you just take a few minutes each day (set a timer!) for one week, I promise that your inbox will start looking better and better, and you won't feel so weighed down by all those unread messages. Good luck!