Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Three Sheets to the Wind

OK, so when I say "Three sheets to the wind" I'm not talking about alcohol, but rather, dryer sheets! One way that I've found to save money is to cut dryer sheets into thirds. I find that when cut into thirds, not only is it enough material to impart the anti-static properties of the dryer sheet to the clothes, but it also cuts down on the sometimes overwhelming fragrance.

Now, what to do with those dryer sheets when the load of clothes is done? I think most folks know that the dryer is a lot more efficient when the lint trap is cleaned out regularly. I clean my dryer's lint trap after every load. Yeah, I'm nuts, so sue me. Sometimes, if I have a load of "heavy linters" like newer towels, sweatshirts, or blankets in the dryer, I'll clean the lint trap while checking to see if the towels are done. I find that cleaning the filter with a used dryer sheet really helps to clean out both the lint trap and the area where the lint basket fits into the dryer. It takes just seconds to do, it makes your clothes dryer more efficient (Read Between the Lines: works faster AND saves money on running the dryer!) Also, have you ever heard about a dryer catching on fire because the lint trap hadn't been cleaned in forever and a day? Well, if you start cleaning out your lint trap after each load of laundry passes through, then there's little chance of having a dryer fire due to built up lint, right? Fires and the ensuing water are so messy and bothersome. Just avoid them in the first place!

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  1. I sat down today with my box of dryer sheets and cut them into thirds. I had forgotten to do so with my newest box, and had been ripping them in half. Realizing I wasn't following my own advice, I made sure to get out the scissors (I used a pair of all-purpose scissors, not my sewing or kitchen scissors) and laid out a bunch of the dryer sheets on the table. They stack nicely and I was able to quickly turn each dryer sheet into three. What a simple thing to do to save money. Every little bit counts!