Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Tip: Rain Checks

Quick Tip: Rain Checks - Totally Worth It!

You've started looking for sales and deals at your local grocery stores. You've even planned ahead and brought your coupons to maximize your savings. However, you find an empty shelf! Not to fear, the Rain Check is your friend! Almost all stores offer Rain Checks when they are out of a product. But, before you ask for one, do a quick check of the following.

1. If the shelf is empty on the "end cap" (the end of an aisle where sale items are usually prominently displayed*), check the item's normal location in the store for additional stock.
Likewise, if the item's normal shelf is empty, check for end-caps.

2. Ask a stocker or store manager if they have additional stock in the storeroom.

3. If the store is truly out of the item you want, then ask for a rain check! If you must have that item right now and aren't just stocking up on it, then ask the store manager if he or she is willing to substitute a comparable item. Recently at Fred Meyer, they were out of the $1.79 carton of eggs. When I asked if they had more in the back, they told me to just get another brand, and tell the cashier to charge me the $1.79 price. I mentioned this to another manager at the front of the store near the checkout, and she not only agreed, she got the cashier's attention and let her know it would be O.K. to do. This saved the cashier a call, and me a wait in line, while she called to confirm. I wound up getting better eggs that what were on sale!

*A word to the wise: Just because items are prominently displayed on end-caps does not mean that they are the best deal!

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