Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Savings: Are You Talking About It?

Folks, I have friends who have just about paid for all their Christmas shopping with rewards points, coupons, special offers, etc. I managed to score some great savings at CVS' annual December make-up and beauty clearance. It's great to save, but are you passing along your savings secrets to your best buds? No?! What's stopping you?

I'm a stay-at-home-mom, so being a one-income family, I both appreciate and need to find savings when I shop. However, I know folks who live a lot larger than we do who still use coupons and take advantage of sales, offers, and deals. Why? Because just about everyone these days is feeling the pinch. Whether you rent a small apartment or live in a large estate home, pay cuts, rising gas prices, higher food costs, no one is immune. However, as children, many of us learned from our parents that it is not polite to discuss money. Some of your friends may be OK with the topic, but not all friends feel comfortable discussing financial issues. Fortunately, talking to your friends about saving money does not have to be an exchange about what your mortgage, rent, or car payments are. Most people appreciate saving money because there is always something we'd rather be doing with our money than buying the daily necessities. So, when you find a good deal, let your friends know, especially if there's still time for them to take advantage of it, too. Pretty soon, your friends will be telling you about their great deals, too!

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