Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cleaning Up the Refrigerator

Is it time to clean out the refrigerator? I know you know to toss out the science experiments first, and remove items to keep to a different shelf or the countertop, so I'll skip that part. Starting from the top, down, I begin with a dry cloth or paper towel, to remove any crumbs. After shaking out that cloth over the trash can, I run water over the cloth, and go over the same areas of the fridge shelves. If there are any areas of dried, thick residue, I lay a wet cloth on it, leave it for a few hours, and move on to the next task. That way, I avoid wasting energy on a task that moisture and time can solve for me. Then, I return in an hour or two to easily wipe up the mess. In the event of a stubborn area, repeat, leaving the rinsed out damp cloth in contact with the area in question. I do the same for my glass stove-top and interior of the oven. If raw meat juices have spilled, I'll use some Windex with Vinegar or some Clorox wipes, whatever I have on hand. I try to avoid the really nasty chemicals and find it best to start with water or sudsy water first.

Good luck!

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