Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to those Upset about the Change in Kroger's Coupon Policies!


Just a quick word. I know that businesses are tightening their financial belts, just like the rest of us.
However, I personally know a lot of folks who make ends meet with the serious use of coupons.

I know that businesses need to try out their ideas on single markets / regions, so someone has to
be the one to suffer or the first to suffer.

I know there are folks that tell you to be thankful for the savings you've gotten in the past and that grocers do not have to provide these programs. They also tell you that you are free to shop elsewhere. Many of you will do just that, which just like it's the grocer's right to change its policies, it's your right to shop where you like. I just hope that some of my ideas, and some of the ideas that we all share here, will help each of us save a little more. I don't want to get political, I just want to plan for the event that this economy doesn't turn around quick enough to take care of my minimal expenses.

Many of you are already VERY savvy money savers. You may have more to give than get from this blog. However, some of you may be new to saving money, budgeting, planning, etc. If I can help just one family save a little each month to make ends meet, it will be well worth my time.

Welcome to SAHMonomics - Stay at Home Mom-onomics!

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  1. Below is the "Customer Comments" link for Kroger's website.

    Kroger's Twitter handle is: @KrogerCo

    If you'd like to read more concerning this change in coupon policy, please see Kroger's site below.