Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Tip: Coupon Sharing

Are you new to couponing but do not have anyone nearby with whom you can trade or share extras? Don't forget about your friends on the other side of the country! I received an envelope FULL of great coupons from my friend Ronda in Ohio today. (Thanks, Ro!) I also sent one to her today, and two others earlier this week. Even though my coupon-using buddies are far away, we can still look out for each other's favorites.

 Ronda has an in-person coupon trading group back in Ohio, and for any coupons that I send her that she neither wants nor needs, she shares those with the other folks in her group. Some stores even have a basket near the front door where folks can put their unwanted coupons and Catalinas. My local Fred Meyer has just such a basket near the carts by the front door.

Make sure to trade ISO (In Search Of) product lists with your friends.  Also, if there are coupons that you can print online, but are for stores that your friends have, but you do not, then you can share those as well.

Happy couponing!

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