Thursday, November 29, 2012

Contest Corner - The Best Giveaways on the Net!

I'm a big fan of Money Saving Mom. Each week, she gives a forum for other blogs to list any contests or giveaways they have posted. I've seen these in the past, but rarely entered any of the contests. This week, I decided to give these other hardworking bloggers some love and enter their contests.

One blog that I tried was Contest Corner. They have "The Best Giveaways on the Net!". This week, they are giving away a D-Link Day/Night Security Camera. Contest Corner provided the following information about the camera.

The D-Link DCS-932L Day/Night Security Camera retails for $129.99 
and is available at Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot and Amazon – 

Contest Corner, like other blogs running contests that I've come across, are using "Rafflecopter" for entries. By performing various tasks, most of which are to help advertise the blog or the company providing the prizes, you gain entries. For example, on Contest Corner, you can earn entries for liking their Facebook page, Tweeting about the contest on Twitter and posting the link to your Tweet back in the Rafflecopter, subscribing to a an e-mail or RSS feed, etc. In fact, I'm earning an entry right now just for telling you about their contest on my blog!

Not everyone will want to do all activities, but the more activities you complete, the more chances you have at winning the prize. This particular contest, at present, has received over 2,000 entries. As nationwide contests go, that's not a huge amount, so your chances are pretty good, though I'm not going to mathematize (our own family word) for you. Some entry methods are able to be done on a daily basis during the life of the contest. For example, you can Tweet about the contest once / day to earn an additional entry. I have seen some contests / giveaways that have fewer than 100 entries.

Yes, contests and giveaways are fun, but they serve other purposes and anyone who spends even a small amount of time purusing blogs will recognize that bloggers have contests to boost readership. Some bloggers will also get free product to try and write about, and the manufacturer often gives an extra item for the blogger to give away. Also, the contests often require that the reader likes a Facebook page, Tweets about the contest, or writes about it in the reader's blog, all promoting the blog with the giveaway, the company who provides the prize, or the manufacturer of the product. Some readers seems to get a bit bent out of shape about this, but I don't see why. If a company is giving away an item, and a blogger is willing to try out that item to promote it for the company, then if I'm going to try to win the item, the least that I can do is help promote them a little in the process. Many will help, few will win, but c'est la vie, right?

So, now that you know a little more about contests and giveaways on blogs, go forth and win!


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