Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Tip: Simplify Washing to Get Better Looking Towels

Unless you don't mind a bunch of lint balls covering your towels, or if you use your towels until they've gasped their last breath, then you'll like this.

Have you ever noticed that when you wash different colored towels together, even the older ones will transfer little lint balls to towels of other colors? I hate that. I cannot stand seeing all those little lint balls on the towels! The next time you get new towels, buy all the same color. You'll no longer have to wait till there are enough dirty from the same color to make up a load, and no more lint ball transfer!

Also, remember to limit the use of dryer softener sheets when washing towels (or fleece). The softener sheets prevent towels from absorbing as much water as they normally would. (The softener sheets just flat out ruin the appearance of anything fleece, over time, so I wash fleece separately and use no dryer sheets at all.)

If you are asking for towels for Christmas, a house-warming party, or whatever the occassion, make sure to ask for towels that are all the same color to make wash day a little easier.


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