Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick Tip: Catalinas - Plan Ahead!

Some savings sites or Catalina ads will tell you what you can buy in order to generate ONYO (On Your Next Order) money-off Catalina coupons. If you know that you are purchasing something that will generate an ONYO money-off Catalina, then tell the cashier that you have two transactions, and buy that item first! Then, use your ONYO money-off Catalina on your very next purchase. This helps you to note forget to use it in the future. It's no fun to find one of those valuable Catalinas at the bottom of your shopping bag or at the back of your coupon folder.

Also, in the event I'm in a rush and do not use the ONYO money-off Catalina right away, I put it with my method of payment (folded into cash or around my credit card) so it's just about impossible to miss during my next trip to the store. Also, every time I pull out the cash or credit card at another store, I'm reminded that the Catalina is there waiting to save me money!

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