Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick Tip: Pay Attention to Catalinas!

If you're saying, "Catalina? What's that?" then let me quickly explain. Do you remember those long, skinny coupons that you sometimes get at the check-out along with your receipt? Well, those are Catalinas. Sometimes they are coupons, sometimes they are ads. Well, don't just toss them in the recycling bin when they are ads, listen up!

Recently, there was a Catalina ad for Maxwell House International cafe. It stated that starting on a certain date, when you bought a certain number of that item, you would receive a Catalina good for money off on your next purchase. Silly me! I drink that stuff like a fiend, but didn't hold on to the ad. I found a sale on a certain flavor, at a certain Albertson's, and now cannot remember how many I need to buy to get the various money-off Catalinas. I found that I was safe in purchasing six items, as that got me the maximum reward of $3 off OYNO (On Your Next Order). But what if it were four items? I would only have to buy four to get the ONYO Catalina. So, the moral of the story is, pay attention to those Catalina ads as a part of your overall couponing and savings strategy!

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