Friday, April 1, 2011

Bulk Buying for Singles / Small Families

Bulk buying / couponing is not just for families with six kids. If you are single, an empty-nester, a widower, a poor college student, starving artist, whatever, you, too can benefit from bulk buying!

Gather some friends who are in a similar situation to you, other friends, neighbors, college students, retirees, and create your individual In Search Of lists, or ISO's, for short. Have everyone over for coffee or tea and share your lists. You'll be surprised at how many more items you'll add to your list upon hearing what your friends have on their lists! When you find items in common, you'll note on your list that person's name next to that item. Keep your ISO list handy when out shopping (put it in your coupon envelope / binder).

When you or your friend learn that there is a sale that can be combined with a coupon for extra savings, you can split the purchase price and share the items. This goes for canned goods, boxed items, even frozen foods and fresh meat! For example, get together and split up a purchase* of fresh meat, put the meat in the freezer-safe storage container of your choice, ad a marinade, and pop those bad boys into the freezer. Take them out a day or two before you plan on cooking. It's that easy!

*Try to meet together at the store so you can each provide money towards the purchase and/or make sure you are purchasing in bulk with a close friend who you know will definitely pay for their portion!

One last word, many folks who donate to their local food pantry or church food pantry can benefit from bulk buying. You may not need ten boxes of cereal or 20 cans of green beans, but if you were going to buy some items for the local food pantry anyway? Bulk buying is a great way to make your dollar go farther when donating food items to local charities. In your quest for savings, you will run across items that are free or next to nothing when combining a sale with coupons. You say you don't use that item? Well, maybe one of your friends does or you can donate the item to the pantry.

Eventually, you'll find so many great deals, you'll be in amazement that you used to spend so much on groceries and personal care items. Just make sure that the shelf life of what you buy is longer than the time it will take you to consume the items AND that you have adequate storage for whatever items you do buy.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes. Post below with any comments or questions!

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