Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Tip: Herb / Spice Mixes

Do you have a favorite recipe that you just love to serve, but are looking to save some time on food prep? I've got just the tip for you.

My husband absolutely LOVES his mom's Italian Beef. Thankfully, she shared the recipe with me since we now live over 2,000 miles away!

This beloved family recipe has a secret blend of herbs :-) and though I like to cook, I am not a huge fan of opening a million separate spice jars and measuring out all those ingredients every time I make this dish.

Here's what you do: The next time you finish off one of those glass herb or spice jars, don't send it to the recycler. Instead, wash and dry thoroughly, making sure to remove the label in the process.

Next. let's say your recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of five different herbs. Measure out 4 teaspoons of each herb in a bowl. Mix, then using a funnel, add the mix to the jar and cap tightly.

You can add your own creative label using your computer and printer, or slap a piece of masking tape on the jar and use a permanent marker to name the mix. Mine just says "Italian Beef". In the event you are concerned with knowing what ingredient is, then add another label that lists the ingredients, and the amount you'll need. For our imaginary dish that uses 2 teaspoons of 5 different herbs, you'll need 10 teaspoons of your mix. Or, the equivalent number of tablespoons and remaining teaspoons, etc.

There, a great time saving tip from my kitchen, to yours. Enjoy!

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